Author: Kay Conklin

E-Bikes on the trail

Are you thinking about purchasing an e-bike to ride on trails this year?  Before purchasing an e-bike for trail riding, check your state laws for e-bikes and the class of the e-bike. Only Class 1 and 2 e-bikes are allowed on all Indiana paved trails. Class 3 e-bikes can be ridden on Indiana roads, but […]

New Shelter at Blountsville Trailhead

The Blountsville trailhead, located on the Indiana Cardinal Greenway trail, now has a shelter! Pictured are the team of six Cardinal Greenway volunteers building the shelter on Monday, September 14, 2023. This is the seventh trailhead shelter that this volunteer team has constructed on the Cardinal Greenway trail. Their first shelter build was at Prairie […]

The Pennsylvania Bridge Renovation

The renovation of the historic Pennsylvania Railroad Bridge at the McCulloch Trailhead has been completed. The trailhead will serve as Cardinal Greenway’s newest pedestrian bridge across the White River, just south of the Cardinal Greenway Depot. In partnership with the Muncie Sanitary District, this renovation has solved a river and city infrastructure need while enhancing […]