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Plan your route on the trails with the map below! We hope you find it a valuable tool to use. See the following usability questions to learn how to activate different features.

Please note, if you are using iOS products – iPad or iPhone – the interactive map will not load on those devices. You will need to plan your route on a desktop.

Plan Your Route/Mileage:

To calculate the mileage for your intended route, click your starting trailhead and then click your ending trailhead. On the top right of the screen, you’ll see the trailheads you’ll pass on your journey as well as the approximate total mileage! ┬áIf you wish to start over and try a different route, make sure to click “Reset” at the top of the map.

Show/Hide Business Listings:

There are many businesses located just off of the Cardinal Greenways. To view these businesses, click “Layers” and then click “Business Listings” to display the locations of these businesses. To disable, just click “Business Listings” again. Within this layer menu you can also show/hide different portions of the trail.

Interactive Map:

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