Trail Rules

For the safety of all trail users, please follow Cardinal Greenways’ guidelines. With over 250,000 people visiting the trails annually, rules are a necessity to ensure everyone has an enjoyable, safe experience. Have fun and be trail smart!



1. Adhere to Trail Hours

Trail hours are from dawn until dusk, seven days a week. Trail use outside these hours is prohibited. Users of the trail do so at their own risk.

2. Be Courteous to Fellow Trail Users

Be respectful, polite, and observant of others. Trail users have a variety of skill levels and abilities. Be especially watchful of children on the trail.

3. Obey Signage

When entering or crossing the trail, yield to users already using the trail. Always stop for traffic at roadways and intersections. Remember, cross traffic is not required to stop at trail crossings.

4. Keep to the Right and Pass on the Left

Look ahead and behind to make sure your lane is clear before you pull out and around other users. Faster traffic must always yield to slower traffic and oncoming users.

5. Always Give an Audible  Warning When Passing

Be courteous and give a clear warning signal when approaching from behind. Give others ample time to respond. Use a bell or voice signal such as “Passing on your left!”

6. Clean Up Your Litter

Dispose of all your trash and litter properly. Keep the trail clean and safe for other users to enjoy.

7. Wear a Helmet!

Cyclists, in-line skaters, and horseback riders should wear a helmet when using the trail.

8. Keep Pets on a Leash

Keep pets on a short, secure, and tethered leash at all times. Pull in your leash when bikes, skaters, or joggers approach. Keep pets off of private property and clean up after them.

9. Horses on Designated Trail

Horses are permitted on the Prairie Creek Horse Trail and Cardinal Equestrian Trail. They are not permitted on Cardinal Greenway or White River Greenway.

10. No Motorized Vehicles

All motorized vehicles, including snowmobiles, all-terrain vehicles, scooters, and go-carts are prohibited.

11. No Campfires

Campfires are not permitted on Cardinal Greenways’ trails or property. Any person lighting a fire for any reason will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

12. Respect Others’ Property

Respect your surroundings. Those responsible for defacing or damaging Cardinal Greenways’ property will be prosecuted.  Respect the privacy of adjacent homeowners and do not trespass.

13. Do Not Block the Trail

Never use more the half the trail. If you are in a group, move into a single line at the far right when others approach from either direction.

14. No Smoking

Smoking is prohibited on Cardinal Greenways’ trails and property.

15. No Hunting

Hunting is absolutely prohibited on all Cardinal Greenways’ property.

16. No Firearms

The possession and/or use of firearms or explosive or destructive devices of any kind upon Cardinal Greenway premises is expressly prohibited.


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